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1 Dollar 1791, Type 100

World - Sierra Leone - Sierra Leone Company (1791-1807)
1 Dollar 1791, Type 100 (Soho mint)


World - Sierra Leone - Sierra Leone Company (1791-1807), 1 Dollar 1791, Type 100 (Soho mint) (Silver, 0.00 gr, 0.00 mm) KM 6.

The Sierra Leone Company issue refers to a series of coins struck at James Watt's Birmingham Mint for use in the British colony of Sierra Leone. These coins were specifically produced for circulation in Sierra Leone, a colony that was established in West Africa after the American Revolutionary War.

During the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783), many enslaved Africans fought alongside the British in exchange for promises of freedom. These individuals were known as Black Loyalists. At the end of the war, the British transported thousands of Black Loyalists, as well as other African Americans who had escaped slavery, to Nova Scotia in Canada.

In 1787, a plan was devised to establish a settlement for these Black Loyalists in Sierra Leone, with the intention of creating a free and self-governing colony for freed African Americans. The Sierra Leone Company was established to oversee the settlement and facilitate the transportation and establishment of the Black Loyalists in Sierra Leone.

As part of its efforts to develop a functioning economy in Sierra Leone, the Sierra Leone Company issued its own currency. These coins were struck at James Watt's Birmingham Mint in England. The coins featured various denominations, including halfpenny, penny, and twopence.

The currency issued by the Sierra Leone Company was primarily used in the colony for local trade and commerce. It provided a means of exchange for the settlers and contributed to the development of a monetary system within the colony.

The colony of Sierra Leone faced numerous challenges, including disease, conflicts with indigenous tribes, and political unrest. Over time, the Sierra Leone Company relinquished control of the colony, and in 1808, Sierra Leone became a British Crown Colony.

The coins issued by the Sierra Leone Company are historically significant as they represent an early attempt to establish a functioning economy and monetary system in Sierra Leone. They also serve as a reminder of the complex history of the colony, which was founded as a refuge for Black Loyalists and became an important settlement in the abolitionist movement in the 19th century.