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ROMAN EMPIRE. Tiberius (14-37 AD). Aureus (14-37 AD) (Lugdunum mint)

ROMAN EMPIRE. Tiberius (14-37 AD). Aureus (14-37 AD) (Lugdunum mint)


Ancient, ROMAN EMPIRE. Tiberius (14-37 AD). Aureus (14-37 AD) (Lugdunum mint) (Gold, 7.74 gr, 18.00 mm) Cohen 15, RIC 29. Extremely Fine .

Editions V. Gadoury, Auction 2020 (2020), Lot 162 (was NGC AU). Purchased privately from Shanna Schmidt (2021)

As the stepchild and unwanted heir of Augustus, Tiberius had a difficult act to follow. Nevertheless, for the first few years of his reign, he did a commendable job running the vast empire bequeathed to his care. Cautious and frugal, he engaged in no wars of conquest and kept the Empire's finances in good order. However, he soon tired of the endless toil and began handing off duties to his unscrupulous second-fiddles, namely the Praetorian Prefect Sejanus and his eventual replacement, Macro. The resulting bloodbath among members of his own family, and their Senatorial supporters, therby tarnishing his name throughout history. His cautious nature is reflected in his coinage - unlike the proliferation of types employed by Augustus, Tiberius kept the same simple design for both silver denarii and gold aurei for almost the entirety of his reign. This uniformity of type makes it virtually impossible to date any particular aureus or denarius more precisely than somewhere within the last two decades of his reign. Hence, virtually any of his coins could have been struck in the same year as the momentous event he probably never heard about, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in Judaea, likely between AD 30 and 34.

Lot: 10 Starting price: 5,000€